After 6 amazing weeks working with Aldrich & Company I am leaving with invaluable office and time management skills. As well as an insight into recruitment which will prove exponentially helpful in my own job search.

‘Your CV is as permanent as a tattoo’ is an analogy which describes the most valuable thing I have learnt from Aldrich. You are able to hide your tattoo from your travels at age 18 beneath your freshly ironed shirt, if you desire to. However, it is much harder to hide 6 months working for a company that has little to do with your ultimate dream job. Employers are likely to trace back through every month of your working life to ensure they have a clear image of what you have been doing. Plus, unlike the extortionate laser tattoo removal, there is no service you can pay to amend your CV to showcase experience you wish you had. However, if somehow you do find this wonder service, you may come unstuck pretty fast during an interview or when you begin your new role.

So remember, take opportunities that will push you in the right direction, always be honest and build your true employment story as your CV is as permanent as a tattoo.

Aldrich & Company