We see around 300 applications every day. Put simply, the most effective covering emails are well constructed and succinctly detail the applicant’s objective.  A concise and well-formed cover email is absolutely critical.

A few things to bear in mind are:

  • You are writing to a human being (usually!) and if you know their name it’s sensible to use it.  (Dear Sir, as I am addressed occasionally, doesn’t really do it!)
  • Come straight to the point and don’t repeat yourself
  • Draft your email, pick it apart and proofread it very carefully before sending
  • If you’ve been recommended to apply, mention the introducer early on
  • Keep your message clear, brief and cover your relevant skills
  • Mention your availability for interview, notice period, salary desired etc.
  • You don’t need to repeat all the facts on your CV – but it would be a great idea to give a brief personal profile
  • Tailor your profile to the role you are applying for!
  • Finally include your availability for interview and your full contact details
  • Attach your CV before sending!!


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