Eight days into my work experience at Aldrich & Company I thought I’d take the opportunity to report on how it’s been going.  

Firstly some background:  Aldrich & Co supported Team Archie’s charity www.teamarchie.org and my Dad bid for the work experience lot in the auction at what I understand was one incredible party where 3 generations danced the night away whilst raising money to provide mentoring, coaching, travel and further education for young people in need of support.

Having recently graduated from Leeds University in History it was time to execute the ‘life plan’. As such, entering the work force with Aldrich has offered me a great opportunity to observe at close quarters the job market and the financial services industry.

To be honest I had never actually considered the recruitment industry, however I’ve been a fly on the wall in the most intriguing business and been able to see what employers are looking for and the huge variety of jobs available.  I hadn’t for a moment expected to be able to hit the ground running but I found myself immediately using skills that I was accustomed to using at uni from report writing to gathering research.  I felt empowered and utterly useful which was so exciting.  Working here has emphasised the importance of teamwork which is intrinsic to the culture at Aldrich & Co. I have been given a real insight into the workings of the business. I was also given the opportunity to apply my interest in marketing in a practical sense. They have really focussed on giving me the best experience of life in the workplace.  The experience here has opened my eyes, I know that I’m going to be looking for a firm with similar strong values and exceptionally high standards. Aldrich & Co have been so accommodating to me and been a huge help to guiding me on the path towards deciding upon my next chapter. Already Aldrich & Co have placed me in my first City job – and I join the ranks at a very prestigious private equity firm on Monday!

Isobel Gallagher


Aldrich & Company