In July this year I finished my last year of school and I came to the daunting realisation that one day, one day very soon, I was going to have to get a job! To get my foot in the door, I went to Aldrich & Company for 2 weeks to gain some work experience.

The fact that Aldrich & Company is located in the City meant that before arriving I had a preconceived idea of what it would be like working there, and frankly I was nervous. The idyllic fantasy of the glamorous life working in the City quickly vanished after my first commute. I emerged from Moorgate station sweating bullets, after enduring a 30 minute long tube journey crammed in a carriage and realised this was not going to be easy.

However on arrival at Aldrich & Company my fears subsided as I was warmly greeted by Rebecca, who for the next fortnight answered all my questions with a smile, even if they were ridiculous or trivial.

Aldrich & Company’s workforce is predominantly made up of women and Peter – the only man (who must not be forgotten)!

It is a friendly and warm company; this is demonstrated by the fact that at the end of day three I was ‘fairly’ confident that I had learnt everyone’s name. But this is no feat in the recruitment world. At Aldrich names are constantly flung around the office floor and I had to ask myself is there something in the water here? Because to my amazement these business women have the ability to remember numerous candidates’ names, employment history and distinctive characteristics. For a new arrival who struggles to remember distant cousins’ names, I was extremely impressed. To me this demonstrated why this company is so well regarded, it showed how they care for their candidates – at Aldrich & Company, a candidate isn’t just a CV on a screen.

The best thing about this work experience placement is I actually did something! Most work experience involves watching and following, whereas at Aldrich & Company I actually got involved. I helped with admin, updated their database and took part in interviews. At first, I felt I was a bit of a hindrance, but within three days I began to feel as if I was helpful.

So what will I take from my 2 weeks at Aldrich & Company?

Well, after having the opportunity to sit in countless candidates’ interviews I feel I have learnt some key interview techniques. Over the two weeks I became evermore aware that first impressions are everything. A firm handshake, a nice smile and poise are three things that get you a long way. So I can say with some confidence that my time at Aldrich & Company means that getting my first job seems a less terrifying task, and for that, I’m truly grateful.


Emma Brown




Aldrich & Company