Applying for a new job is a form of advertising, self-advertising. Your cover letter can be seen as the glossy front page to promote yourself to future employers. However, the skills and experience which set you apart from other employees can be lost within your cover letter if these simple steps are not followed:

An eye-catching first paragraph:

Glassdoor have suggested that hiring managers spend an average of six seconds perusing a CV. Research who you are writing to, ensure your future employers’ attention is interested enough to read on and allow you to showcase your full excellence.  A brief summary of who you are, what you do and anything weird or wonderful which will keep your reader interested.

Contact Information:

Not only should your CV have your personal information but also your covering letter. After impressing the hiring manger you want to make their lives as easy as possible.


Use the advert to your advantage. Read it through, use bullet points to highlight the job requirements and your relevant experience.  Additionally, you should try to include the exact job title in the first paragraph as the hiring manger may be dealing with dozens of job openings.

Once you have an amazing template, you can customise it to each role you apply for; but make sure you customise each one accordingly!  A generic-sounding letter – or worse, one that includes bits of information from a previous job application – will get you nowhere.  However, clearly showing the hiring manger both your excellent qualifications and your professionalism can move you up to the next stage of the hiring process.

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