‘What makes a great temporary worker?’ a question we are constantly asking on team temp. Temping isn’t a one glove fits all scenario. Often when looking for a temp, employers know exactly what experience they require for the position. Temping covers all levels of seniority from graduates looking for their first corporate experience, to seasoned workers looking for flexibility and CV enhancement.

We have compiled a few simple qualities that agencies and employers a-like look for. The most important trait is reliability. American author Zig Ziglar once said “Ability is important in our quest for success, but dependability is critical.” Employers want someone reliable that will commit to the contract, it’s that simple.

Flexibility and attitude go hand in hand. As with anything, if you impress your employers and remain flexible to the work load and length of the contract they will remember you. Both flexibility and positive attitude are essential to successful long term temping.

The final trait is a strong work ethic. Good habits such as planning and executing tasks through self-motivation helps create a work ethic sure to impress employers.

If you are currently considering becoming a temporary worker please get in touch with Claire Munn at Aldrich to discuss potential career enhancing opportunities. claire@aldrich.co.uk

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