Rathbones is one of the leading investment management firms in the UK. With an established reputation for integrity and excellence, it holds some of the most sought after jobs in the City.

To illuminate the path of aspiring asset managers, support staff and graduates we sat down with Investment Director, Randolph Churchill, who gave us his perspective on what you need to succeed.

Randolph credits working with people, getting to know clients, and developing relationships that last years and span decades as the main reason he went into Investment Management, rather than banking, fund, or any other of the myriad of options available in the City. This ingrained sense of the importance of communication and understanding echoes the values of Rathbones, and is a running theme throughout our short chat.

For Private Wealth Management training in accountancy and the ability to see the potential of a company through balance sheets and corporate tax rates is key – it also provides an excellent general grounding in finance – being a generalist with lots of skills is important. When Randolph is hiring future colleagues he looks for communication and interpersonal skills – evidence of the crucial capability to develop relationships and an understanding of what a client needs.

For support staff, he highlights an ability to operate in an environment of high compliance and document clearly and concisely.

Graduates should demonstrate an understanding of clients’ attitude to risk (which changes with age and circumstance) and be able assist the investment team with building appropriate portfolios.  All grads do wealth management exams over 2-3 years, and there is a high retention rate, which speaks volumes about how the company invests in its employees from the very beginning of their careers. Qualifying after a period of employment, staff are given the opportunity to participate in a share scheme. Rathbones also provides a generous pension.

We hope this was helpful, and please don’t hesitate to call Digby Neave for any further information.


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