Just how often do you stop and think about your achievements? Daily? Weekly or just 10 minutes before your appraisal? Take time to reflect regularly and not only will you feel more confident but it will better equip you to build a very healthy career. Our recommendations:

Potential progression: If you are looking to move jobs, looking to move internally or seek promotion you need to feel confident in your achievements and be able to express this with clarity. Your conviction will be infectious.
Appraisal review preparation: By tracking your work accomplishments you will be able to showcase the fact that you are hitting or surpassing expectations. As well as demonstrating the pride you take in your work and your accomplishments! It will also give you the opportunity to think of the gaps in your training and where you might, given more training be more effective.
Networking: If you are wanting to get a ‘foot in the door’ you will soon realise building strong relationships and being visible is crucial to your success and progression. Keep fresh in your mind your impressive achievements to enhance your status in the minds of others – keeping it subtle – not big band trumpet blowing mind you.

You have worked hard so don’t forget how great you are and make sure to use this to your advantage!

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