With the digital revolution of the 21st century, we are now more exposed to knowledge than ever before.  Access to free skill development, knowledge-growing websites and resources at our fingertips, however it is so easy to spend your evenings relaxing and it is much more difficult to inspire yourself to do more.

One of the best ways to stand out is to hone skills that can be utilised in any role that you apply for – from administration to managerial. Your personal initiative in learning a new skill or gaining knowledge will not only boost your CV, but will also impress any potential hiring manager.

Our recommendations for the best websites to learn from for FREE.

  • Edx. One of the world’s leading online education platforms which offers courses from universities such as Berkley University of California, Harvard University, MIT, Sorbonne, Oxford University, etc. Their courses are free for anyone to ‘attend’ but if you require a certificate of completion (or academic records, depending on course) they make a small charge.
  • Coursera. Another favourite. This is more international and provides courses in many languages. Quality of content is high and ranges from topics in Arts & Humanities to Business and Data Science. Again, this is a free resource with a paid certificate, if you require one.
  • Codeacademy. n the digital world, it is vital for anyone (not just those who need an edge in the workforce) to learn at least the basics of HTML and CSS – the building blocks of website development. Sounds complicated, but Codeacademy offers a highly recommended course for those who just want a beginning step in learning this vital skill. And for those thinking: “I would never ever have to build a website, why should I?” Because the logic it builds for you is like Lego for adults. And who didn’t like to play with Lego as a child?
  • Google Analytics Academy. One of the most resourceful and adaptable carers and skills is in Digital Marketing. Unfortunately, all those with a personal Instagram or a Facebook account assume it is just as easy to be a social media manager. Digital Marketing IS indeed an easy and reliable skill, and the data and analytics methodology is undervalued at the present time. Google offers a free course in Analytics, and had an interactive platform. This looks great on a CV and only takes 10 Hours to complete (or 1 hour a week for 3 months).
  • com. Bought out by LinkedIn a couple of years ago and integrated into LinkedIn Learning, it appeals to professionals with the skillset it provides. Free for a month, then charges apply. One of its best features is the “become a…” pathways which offers routes through which one can change career pathways. These can be “become a digital marketer”, “become a project coordinator”, “become a sales representative”. Although these do not replace a traditional hands-on experience with work placements, this will give you an edge and point to new research areas.
  • This is a one-time payment course platform. Find regular deals for courses (from £5) from industry professionals teaching highly in-demand content. Wait for the sales to come around, as sometimes courses are overpriced as they bank on people waiting for them.


We may find ourselves tempted by excuses such as “getting an education is expensive” and “learning a new skill is a time consuming process”, however with these amazing sites you will be well on your way to creating your dream career at little financial outlay.

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