Following our recent blog ( we have found a new app to help us not only save money but also the environment! #Toogoodtogo is an international company that fights food waste by providing a platform for food stores to sell their surplus food, preventing it from going to waste. Their headquarters are in Copenhagen and are currently active in 8 European countries & growing fast! In 2 years, they have partnered with over 5,000 stores and over 3 million people have already downloaded the app. This has resulted in over 2.5million meals being rescued.

In a year 1/3 of all food produced is wasted and this is contributing dramatically to CO2 emissions. Therefore, this app is forward thinking and functional with their end goal being “to create a world where ‘food produced’ means “food consumed’” and in doing so reducing CO2 emissions in the EU alone by 170million tonnes.

So what types of things are on offer? In our area:

You could pick up one of our favourite Island Poké (tag poke blog) for £3.50

A salad box and falafel wrap from the delicious Carnevale for £3.00

How about a light and airy Victoria Sponge cake or a selection of cute tartlets from the delicious Konditor & Cook for £3.00?

You can expect a range of fresh salads – warm or cold, soups or hot dishes from the vibrant Chop’d for £2.50

We recommend downloading the app and seeing how much you can save whilst trying out delicious fresh food in your area!

Aldrich & Company