This week we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the foundation of Aldrich & Co. As part of our celebrations, we sponsored a careers event in the City to highlight career path opportunities.  With open debate and encounters, we created a forum for 52 students and 20 speakers.

Amongst whom were young, hugely successful, brave and bold entrepreneurs including the talented video producer Georgia Rothman, Hannah McCollum who created ChicP (the Hummus made from Imperfect Vegetables), Zayn Goddard Founder of Brand Inspirers Cutler+Goddard, Lauren from BySarah London, the award winning skincare company, Freya Twigden founder of the delicious Fix8 Kombucha, Olivia Yallop Head of Strategy and Innovation at The Digital Fairy, Ziba Goddard from Cowry Consulting and speakers from the financial services sector, lawyers, and experts from the communications community.

The evening was a powerful hot house of extraordinary people telling their stories of how they built a career either taking conventional routes in the beginning or jumping at opportunities and keeping their minds open.  Many of the speakers had worked at Aldrich & Co or been introduced to their careers through us. Everybody came away with the firm belief that exciting businesses are out there and these students will be noticed and achieve if they follow a few of the hot tips.

The take away – in addition to Fix8 Kombucha and ChicP Hummus – were key messages.  Most importantly that there is no time like the present for exploring opportunities, networking and sharing views, being bold and asking questions, self-education beyond the formal and how careers are changing for future generations.

Everyone is different – there is not one prescription! Follow your passions! Listen to your gut instinct.

Aldrich & Company