Upskilling your workforce by hiring temps is a huge benefit to your business. The financial institutions have cultivated brilliant programmes attracting the best graduates for their summer rotation programmes. This gives the undergraduate a brilliant opportunity to develop their knowledge, working out whether it is absolutely up their street – and whether the firm is the one they want to move post-graduation. Exciting times ahead!

At Aldrich & Co, we know that whatever the weather we have a bank of our own temps on site. Temps provide valuable support to our own business as well as to our clients as they gain insights and build business skills. It’s a win-win. We are all ears to learn from talented individuals looking to build their careers.

We have people on hand who are ready for action. Whether it be a total rebrand, an event, conference or roadshow, an overhaul of costs, analysis, systems that need to be updated, new technology being implemented, HR projects, marketing, investor relations and PA support to cover holiday leave or a longer term contract – our temps are always called for.

Aldrich & Company