I have been pushed and pulled in so many different directions when it comes to writing the perfect CV. After two days of searching through CVs and trying to distinguish the good from the bad, I have already learnt more than in my countless years of education. Yes, content is what we predominantly look for but if you are lucky enough to have amazing content make sure you do it justice by presenting it in the perfect way.

Here are 3 simple steps which will allow your experience to stand out:

  1. KEEP IT SHORT – A 19 page CV conveying relevant information that could be condensed to 2 pages is a waste of time and employers just won’t take their time to read your well thought out words
  2. KEEP IT SIMPLE – Don’t  overcomplicate it by trying to make your CV stand out with colours and images, let your experience do the talking
  3. SHOW YOUR STORY – It is important to show step by step where you have been working, keep it in reverse chronological order and clear. It is vital to see your every employment movement so one can create a picture

Keep it short, keep it simple and show your story. Let your experience do the talking and GOOD LUCK!

By Ella Roberts

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