After five years as an Analyst then Associate in Oil and Gas within the Investment Banking sector of a major city bank, I decided to take stock and make a career transition. I realised that the direction that I was heading in, although highly lucrative, was not giving me the opportunity to stretch myself in other areas. As a result of a restructuring within my previous team I found myself redundant and so I sought the advice of the team at Aldrich & Co. Working at this level in Investment Banking, the hours were not conducive to a healthy work-life balance or pursuing my hobbies and interests.

With the Aldrich & Co team, I felt comfortable expressing my needs and wishes. Over the number of meetings and conversations that I had with them I felt that they really had the essence of the direction I needed to take to be fulfilled, to keep earning well and to be able to factor in my passion if possible – playing the piano – which I’ve been practicing since the age of 5. They reminded me that following one’s passion was an essential key.

Nothing surprised the Aldrich & Co team; they stood by me and introduced me to a great client – one of the leading City investment banks. In my current role, I can combine my interests with a fulfilling career – and much more – I regularly perform at the Bank’s Music Society concerts.

Aldrich & Company