I’ve spent the last 3 weeks working at Aldrich and feel thoroughly at home and part of the team. This has been my first exposure to the City and in my opinion, I recognise the most essential element is their ability to work as a team, something I have a great deal of experience with as a competitive sailor. Certain aspects in life can be achieved through individual work but we all need to pull together, our resources, strengths and supporting weaknesses.  I am not suggesting that everyone should be following a single ‘formula for life’, but certainly within business, solidarity and a sense of community found through being invested in not only your work, but also the work of those around you is essential.  As a 3rd year engineering student (marine technology with yachts and small crafts … no surprises there!)  I am aware that it is often the case that  “the Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts” (Aristotle).  I’ve been working on some exceptionally interesting projects here and have loved gaining insight into a real commercial entity – a life forming experience!

By George Haynes

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