It is all too easy to let time fly.  January is coming to a close, it’s important to continually take stock and have a conversation with yourself.

Set your sights high – be ambitious in your goals, but don’t ignore what it will take to get there.   You will need to be strategic, but don’t be afraid to change in light of new information.   You just can’t be afraid of discomfort – the pursuit of worthwhile goals always involves getting out of your comfort zone. The best advice I had from a BF when I had a mountain to climb.

Have courage, confidence and commitment. Self-belief that you can achieve things you set your mind to is paramount and you need to push yourself. This will require commitment and focus on your end goal and discipline to make positive change.

Be creative in how you overcome your challenges and problems, we all have them, be ruthless and think about planning your time.  Sacrifices will need to be made along the way – but always maintain a sense of realistic optimism and keep smiling, it is infectious and will make you feel stronger.

Build a strong team around you, with friends and confidants – your own achievements require the support of those around you. Give back, take time to listen, people will help you and return this by being a mentor and focus on others. Really listen.

Don’t fear failure, sometimes things don’t work out as you had imagined but take the next step, dust yourself down, reevaluate, perhaps write down where you think you’ve gone wrong, bin it and have a good sleep then some fresh air and then continue with renewed energy and determination.

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