Sofar Sounds is a magical app!  It transforms everyday spaces;  a living room, a gallery, a shop and creates a captivating venue for live entertainment.

On the spur of the moment, I downloaded the app and was directed to a secret venue. Not knowing what to expect I headed up to the 16th floor of a gorgeous apartment, armed with G&T tinnies and snacks in hand (a great perk to this event #BYOB) and listened to three live artists perform in the pent house with stunning views across the city. A fantastic evening! Would highly recommend downloading the app and visiting a location in your city.

Here’s what you need to do:

For starters: Download the app, It’s easy and free!

Attend: Exclusive to the app, guests can skip the lottery and purchase a ticket right away!

Filter: Guests are able to filter events so they can see what’s best for them by date and location

Listen: Easy access to current Sofar playlists curated by Sofar Leaders each month


Sofar Sounds share music globally so you can discover new music and create lasting memories wherever you are around the world give it a go!

Aldrich & Company