It’s mid-October.  First Years — have you got a spring week sorted out? If not, how on earth are you going to get an internship after your second year? Second Years — have you got an internship lined up? If not, what are you doing with your lives? Grad scheme offers don’t just come to you. Third Years — do you have a job offer? If not, you should face the fact that you’re inevitably going to fail at life.

I know far too many people with this mentality to find it funny. My university friends regarded a grad scheme offer with any investment bank as more exciting than anything else their future could possibly hold. Obsessing over a career in investment banking, not because they supposed they might enjoy it, but rather because it is THE ONLY path in life which is synonymous with success, is dangerous.

In focussing attention on pursuing a career path somebody else suggested or that sounds good, secure, well paid and important, too many undergrads skip the part where they ask themselves: what do I enjoy doing?

You don’t have to climb onto the corporate ladder and dedicate yourself to one company as soon as you get your university degree. Professionals in various lines of business have all sorts of bizarre stories to tell about how they ended up doing what they’re doing.

I had Aldrich & Company’s help in finding initially a part-time job as an administrative assistant throughout my last year at university. This role has since evolved into engaging with clients, editing, and working on exciting new projects, it’s a role with huge progression and potential. I’d much rather tell this story!



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