As much as we all hate the tube at this time of year, you must make your way back down to the Postal Museum rides opening this September. The museum portrays the immense role the underground Mail Rail played after it was built 90 years ago. The Mail Rail was first used in 1927 running for 75 years until it was closed in 2003. However, London awaits the re-opening of this great addition to the postal museum.

Built 70 feet directly below the city, this type of postal service was a solution to delivering post via the busy streets of London; transporting mail 22 miles across London from Whitechapel to Paddington. At peak times, the world’s first ever-driverless trains would carry approximately four million letters and packages every day employing over 220 staff and operating for 22 hours a day. The new opening means the public can experience this authentic site first hand.

You must not miss this incredible experience, where you will be treated to a 20-minute underground ride, experiencing the ride’s audio-visual technology, bringing you back into historical events such as the Blitz and other events. In addition to your underground ride, there is an interactive Mail Rail exhibition. You can hear and read about the real life stories of the engineers who worked there as well as use telescopes to unveil the Rail Mail network as it was before the ride and exhibition was set up.

Head down there this September to learn about this iconic British service. Buy your tickets right here today.

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