‘One of my initial professional positions was at Aldrich and Co, which truly helped me to define which route I wanted to take. Having spent the last 10 years working in Global Business Development from both a brand (product) and agency (service) perspective, I felt it was time to launch my own consultancy. This meant I could utilise my passion and knowledge for new business to advise start-ups and entrepreneurs on how to grow their own companies. Thus, Reggie was born…

At Reggie, we take our clients on a journey of discovery. We unearth their true point of difference and provide the vehicle with which to spread the word. We collaborate with ambitious brands and entrepreneurs on new business initiatives that will take them to the next level, in terms of both growth and notoriety.

We work through a process of audits and workshops together with our clients, before we define a bespoke strategy that is specific to a particular business challenge. Whether that be breaking into a new sector or market, developing a sales process for a new product or offering, or simply wanting to the increase revenue, size and scale of your business. We want to truly understand and define what success looks like, before we build the strategic phases to get there.

Developing a robust new business machine takes time and requires momentum. That is why we stay on with our clients as mentors, seeing them weekly or monthly to ensure that the strategy is properly implemented.

Having launched in June, I have thoroughly enjoyed going through the Reggie Process with my first initial clients. I take so much satisfaction in seeing them develop and flourish from a new business perspective.’


Aldrich & Company