Recruitment  –  an industry with a long and rich history that dates back to at least 55BCE.

The first recorded consultancy arrangement was during the reign of the Roman Emperor, Gaius Julius Caesar. In 55BCE Julius Caesar signed a decree stating that any soldier in his army who could recruit another man to join would be paid 300 sestertii. Common practice in business today for referrals –  though this was a very considerable fee for a standard foot soldier and would equate to roughly 25-30% of his annual salary.

Quickly, enterprising  Romans saw a brilliant business opportunity to provide recruitment services to the Roman legions by finding dedicated soldiers to satisfy the rapidly expanding Empire, some of them serving in the small Roman settlement of Londinium!

Since Caesar, Recruitment has expanded hugely,  growing particularly quickly during and after the two World Wars of the 20th Century.  Having left their posts in the UK for combat abroad there was a huge need to  be imaginative and fill vacancies to support the war effort and following their return from combat there were plenty of candidates on the job hunt.

Since the aftermath of World War 2, Recruitment has continued to grow and the industry now employs over 100,000 people in the UK.

Though perhaps not as old as Financial Services (which can be traced back to well before 3000BCE) as recruiters we pride ourselves on being part of an industry providing a valuable service with such a long an interesting history.

Aldrich is a specialised Recruitment Consultancy firm focused on sourcing excellent business support and front office roles within Financial Services.

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