Setting goals

Without goals your life will drift and lack any meaningful purpose. The worst that could happen to you is to reach your final days and look back and wonder how you managed to let amazing opportunities slip by which held you back from building an incredibly rewarding life.

If you do not have a clear career goal but you wish to raise your game, have a rethink. There are so many options and the course of action will be to brainstorm to maximise your choices. Note down the germs of ideas, which may leap into significance later on.  A good start is to look at “if there were no obstacles, what would I do?” Then you can look at the obstacles breaking them down to see if there is a way around them and think about what resources you need.  Create a comprehensive list of your options. Map them. Then define the actions you need to take and the timeframe and what measures accomplishment.

  • What would you like to achieve?
  • What is your aim?
  • What is your dream?
  • What would enable you to do this…?

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