While our strong reliance on single use plastics and the detrimental effect this has on our environment is now more widely known, the pollution of plastics on our environment is an ongoing issue.

The City of London Corporation is supporting an excellent initiative aiming to raise awareness of both the vast reliance on plastics in London and the efforts being taken to significantly reduce plastic waste.

Did you know?

  • An average city worker can use over 1000 pieces of single-use plastic per year at work alone
  • Plastic bottles and their lids represent 10% of all litter found in the River Thames
  • Around 1.5 million bottles per working day are brought into the City, equivalent to 14 tonnes of waste
  • Up to 7 million coffee cups are thrown away every day in the UK

Initiatives such as Plastic Free City are installing water refill points across the city, to encourage the use of re-usable bottles. We can all think about carrying a reusable coffee cup, skipping the straw and avoiding plastic cutlery – but there is more that can be done.  For more information on taking the Plastic Free Pledge visit  https://www.plasticfreecity.london/

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