Philosophy and Business don’t necessarily appear to be closely linked. However, they are!

Our purpose in life is to flourish and seek the good for human life, bringing fulfillment as Aristotle’s phrase Eudaimonia captures.  A good business pursues the goal of Eudaimonia. Their duty to serve their clients and bring fulfillment and good for human life in turn builds great businesses, which are nothing without great people.

Drawing from philosophical processes can help decision making  in business.

  • Philosophy helps simplify complex ideas.
  • Understanding Philosophy gives you the edge, spotting a poor argument, being able to deconstruct it before presenting a stronger view point.
  • Philosophy provides you with a multi-dimensional view of the world, a world of possibilities. This is especially useful as it helps individuals acknowledge different perspectives.
  • It has been said that a graduate in philosophy advances more rapidly than colleagues who possess a business degree

As an undergraduate, currently working at Aldrich & Company I have high hopes  of putting my studies to great use in the workplace, and see already how useful the time spent poring over books and in debate will stand me in good stead for a career in the City.  I have always wanted work in Human Resources and the exposure that I’m gaining  hourly with the team has been exceptionally rewarding.

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Isabel Thomson – Undergraduate in Philosophy, University of Birmingham

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