LinkedIn is a vast professional networking platform used by over 500 million people globally. It acts as an ideal location to job hunt, to recruit from, and to most importantly where you can represent yourself within the business world.  Often a LinkedIn page is the first option to flash up when you Google a name, and so it is critical to have the best LinkedIn profile possible to represent yourself in the best light.

Our seven top tips for enhancing your LinkedIn profile will help you standout and may help to place you firmly on your route to an excellent career:

  1. Use a professional photo – many assumptions are made from your photo. Make sure you present yourself in the most professional manner possible: dress appropriately (in smart work clothing) and using a simple and clear headshot. Most importantly, no selfies!
  2. The headline is key – You have 120 characters to grab someone’s attention. Use it to mention your area of expertise, industry and what makes you unique. Ask yourself why should you be employed? Be direct and precise and use of keywords. This way, you will demonstrate an organised and professional page from the get go! Remember you have limited space to impress.
  3. Self promotion in the summary section – let your personality shine through, play on your strengths and make yourself stand out. This section helps employers understand who you are and why they should want you. Unlike a CV, which is tailored to specific job applications, this is a broad description – so elaborate on your passions and describe your talents, to help make you an attractive candidate for multiple jobs. Remember the following: Be informative and persuasive, appealing and original, Grab their attention, Make sure it is easy to read, Avoid overused buzzwords such as “driven”, “effective” and “excellent
  4. Work experience – time to impress! Use bullet points to illustrate your achievements and be precise. You need to list the work experience you have done and specify what you have gained from it, presenting the transferable skills you have learnt.  Make sure you add evidence of projects you have worked on, give website links and show your impact in the past.
  5. Volunteer and languages section – Life is not all about business – the skills you learn in your personal life can be hugely influential and beneficial to use in the workplace too.  Populate this section as it helps you to stand out from the crowd.
  6. Skills – list your expertise! According to statistics, people who have 5 or more skills listed receive 7 more views of their page. This increases your chances of success in employment!
  7. Keep your profile up to date – Nothing reads “careless” more than a page that has not been updated with recent work or skills acquired.

Finally, especially if you are just starting on your career path, don’t worry about having a fairly limited page. LinkedIn profiles are there to be built upon, so take a look at a few profiles to get the hang of it and you will have a sparkling page in no time!

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