“Study hard what interests you the most in the most undisciplined, irreverent and original manner possible.” ― Richard Feynman

All Aldrich candidates have a desire to excel professionally, however, strewn across the bottom of most CVs are Interests, hobbies, moonlit careers, and extra qualifications in everything from the vocational to the bizarre and irreverent; indicative of a desire to develop personally as well as in the workplace.

London provides unlimited opportunities and resources to learn, and while in future I’ll focus on vocational opportunities and training we can provide for our candidates here, it’s Friday, and I want to talk about colour, joy, and rebellion, and something that would feature on the bottom of my own (beautifully formatted Aldrich) CV: Avant-garde art of the 20th Century.

‘Wild beasts and vibrating souls’ Fauvism and German Expressionism was the title of the last brilliant session of the course I’m taking at City Lit. I’m an art history newbie, so was caught off guard by the hypnotic, dystopian (and blindingly famous) Kirchner Street Scenes that capture the hallucinogenic charge in the atmosphere in Berlin in 1911. Before I started commuting into central London every day, I hadn’t thought a great deal about the City as its own relentless entity – these pictures portray “a magnificent, manifold, jungle-like growing and striving, a sort of tropical tempo in rivalry of development…” (Nietzsche). This resonates with my attempts to make sense of this new metropolis and the sheer pace and infinite potential which make London unique.

Many of the works are actually housed or have been exhibited here – I’m always amazed at the wealth of collections on the doorstep and that there’s no need to wait for the weekend to see them as so many host late night (and often free) openings, with talks, drawing sessions, and films (full listing here). It’s a privilege to be able to gain so much from studying around my full time job, and London feels like one of the only places I can have such an immersive experience.

So – keep up your gymnastics, get that dog grooming qualification, and please keep filling in the “Interests” section of your CV and help us place you as a person, not a PDF.




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