Nice Fish. Even the title draws you in. It’s now into its final month of the run at the Harold Pinter theatre after transferring from a sold out season in New York and stars the man of the moment Mark Rylance. The story follows two men fishing on the ice pack on a frozen Minnesota lake at the end of the season, drawing on Rylance’s teenage years in the Midwest . The ice is beginning to groan and melt and you are under the impression that they are the last two fishermen left on the lake, desperate for a big catch.

It swings from very ordinary, mundane conversation to highly surreal scenes. Ron (Mark Rylance) and Erik (Jim Lichtscheidl) play the two friends who perfectly portray the slightly mad, exasperating sense of spending prolonged, isolated time with someone in obsessive pursuit of something. It’s a joy to see Rylance in a comedy, his character is naive, playful and everything from his accent to his attire exaggerates the comedy. He co-wrote the play with poet Louis Jenkins and Claire Van Kampen, his wife, is the Director. She cleverly uses blackouts, the introduction of new characters via a tiny house at the back of the stage and the set is really effective from the stalls right up to the seats in the gods!

The run ends on the 12 February and is a must see!

Photo provided by The Corner Shop


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