Our business is built from a passion to help others achieve their career goals. We have an extremely happy supportive culture where success is celebrated and shared.  We’re all unique and our transformational coaching supports people throughout their careers.  We take, what I thought was rational and essential in the recruitment industry but now I understand it is a radical approach.  We listen and won’t try to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Small might be beautiful and can be transformational.  Whilst major corporates dominate the headlines – smaller high performing businesses have the potential to change lives.

Today Charlie Hughes will leave us to join one of our clients. On Monday she will be with a major corporate and we hope that we have given her the tools to confidently blow their minds with her enthusiasm and attitude.  Her experience will put her in a great place to make a difference.

Yesterday, I attended Bruce Daisley’s talk for Finito and offfered great advice; turn off alerts and notifications on your devices, spend 90 minutes a day on smashing work that could be best completed in a space where you can’t be interrupted, don’t eat  your lunch at your desk and laugh more!

At Aldrich we don’t expect responses from emails, weekends are switch off time, turn off your alerts, properly rest, let your mind recalibrate. Spending long hours in the office isn’t productive, the office space is for communicating and listening, contributing and having a voice.

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