With two weeks off over the Christmas period, it is inevitable that people do some soul searching and question what they’re doing regarding their career. January is the opportunity for a fresh start, whether that means looking for a new job or exploring development options within your current firm. The age-old New Year’s Resolution clichés of get fit, dry January and being more proactive about your career recur every year as you come back refreshed from a break with new energy.

Take advantage of this energy and go back to our ‘Map Your Job Search’ article to really look at what motivates you, what your next steps should be and how to get there. This is a great starting point.

Writing Your CV and Cover Letter should be your next step and exploring the jobs market to see what opportunities are out there. It’s a brilliant time of year to reassess.

Happy New Year from the team at Aldrich! The world is your oyster!


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