New Year around The World


Much like Christmas, the New Year is celebrated differently around the world.


As 2018 sweeps across different time zones, (starting with Samoa and Christmas Island) we can witness the global phenomenon of the Times Square ‘ball drop’, the world famous Sydney fireworks, and of course our own stunning display over the Thames as Big Ben strikes midnight.


Across the ocean, Brazilian natives feast on lentils which represent wealth in the hope that the consumer will enjoy a lucrative New Year. In certain parts of South America you may find people walking around with empty suitcases, known as ‘talking the suitcase walk’ in the hope that their New Year will be full of excitement and adventure. Spaniards meanwhile eat one grape for each of the twelve strikes of the clock at midnight, said to bring good luck to the 12 months ahead.  Perhaps one of the most unusual celebrations hails from Romania, where locals dress up as bears and perform traditional dances in the belief that this will ward off evil spirits!


Wherever or however you choose to bring in The New Year, we wish you a very happy and prosperous one…

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