Our new office food obsession is the Island Poké (pronounced Po-Keh). The authentic Hawaiian dish Poké is literally translated as ‘chop up into small pieces’. The modern day dish has since evolved, from its humbler beginnings into a Hawaiian staple of diced raw fish, served on rice with a plethora of condiments and toppings to choose from.

James, the founder of our new local favourite Island Poké, became hooked on this delicacy as a child when on a beach in Maui, Hawaii. Fast-forward a couple of decades, James sensed a gap in the market for an authentic and sustainable approach to Hawaiian cuisine. Thus, Island Poké was born – fusing the joy of real Hawaiian food, which is a delicious fusion of many cuisines including Polynesian, Japanese, Chinese, South American, Pacific Rim and even Portuguese influences. Now with 5 stores around London, they have really taken off.

Whether you prefer to trade in the rice for slaw or you prefer the mango to the shallots, the Poké has something for everyone and it can be tailored to you – we highly recommend that you try this delicious bowl of flavour.  We have even gone as far as to buy their beautiful book.

Island Poké

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