Looking back at my work experience at Aldrich and Company, I cannot believe how much I learnt in the space of just two weeks! I was learning and gaining valuable experience from the moment I stepped into the office. At the start of my experience everything was planned to perfection, this then evolved into me taking control of my own work and I thought that this was the best thing about the whole experience. I was taught a huge amount of fundamental skills and was then able to put them into practice. This assisted me in understanding how certain administrative, consultancy and general office skills took place.


Sitting in on the consultants’ interviews was a great opportunity to see how the consultants operate and the differences between each of their techniques. I noticed especially how well they all knew the individual candidates and managed to match them to particular clients so successfully. This allowed me to starting thinking about how consultancy actually works and opened up a whole new interest in my very own desired career path.


I was also set to look over multiple CVs as a part of my workload and started to learn the correct editing and formatting processes. This exposed me to so much of the “job searching” world and it not only meant that I was able to directly help Aldrich and Company but also helped me a huge amount when looking at how to perfect my own CV.


I was given great advice from each member of the office which really showed me how much they cared and valued my time with them. I particularly enjoyed learning about the importance of knowing your strengths and weaknesses when applying for jobs and how crucial it is to know your CV back to front. I will keep all of this valuable advice I was exposed to in mind throughout my future!


Not only did I learn a huge amount about recruitment and the work that the consultants partook in but I also gained great administration skills and was able to put them directly in to practice. This will always be useful in the future and something I could have only learnt by being put in the office environment, being proactive.


I was constantly busy throughout the day, which I loved, and am so grateful that the office were all so trusting with the tasks that they set me, meaning I could actually help the company and hopefully ease some of the work load for others.


Overall, the experience was fantastic. I was able to help the company, ease stressful time periods and work with such a lovely team. Not only this but Aldrich and Company made sure that I personally benefitted from the experience, making me more motivated and prepared in my next career steps and got me thinking about my future.


I would advise anybody doing work experience to make sure they make the most of their time in these professional environments. Make sure that you are always doing something, even if its simple administrative work, these skills will always contribute to your success in the future and Aldrich and Company was a brilliant place to start this for me.

Aldrich & Company