After battling to think about my future career in the midst of studying for my degree, I was lucky enough to spend the week at Aldrich & Co to learn more about the process of recruitment and the financial services sector – a fantastic chance for me to gain insight into the world of work and the potential jobs that exist within the city. I was introduced to the entire process of recruitment from the initial phone call and interview right through to successful job placement.

My experience included:

  • Participation in interviews of prospective candidates – helping me to review my own technique by picking up on the consultant’s critique of the candidates
  • Writing reports and profiles – allowed me to analyse individual characteristics and traits of each candidate in order to identify their suitability for each role. This process involved far more scrutiny than I had initially thought – the level of inquiry into each individual from their initial handshake, their confidence, to a very detailed review of their CV. This is key when trying to match candidates with each specific and unique role
  • An insight into the art of writing and editing – a crucial part in the quest for a job. The vital element is to keep the CV straightforward and to-the-point and to memorise and review your CV as interviewers often dissect each subheading and bullet point
  • Accurate use of online systems – a vital component of organisation and time management and the co-ordination of timetables is key so that the busy schedules of consultants and candidates to arrange interviews and calls can be managed
  • Learning about roles – imperative to successful placements is an extensive memory to retain information about each candidate – this involves constant attention to detail and widespread knowledge of all partner companies and job roles available

Every step of the process is crucial to the ultimate final placement, however, the most important thing I have taken away with me is the absolute need for networking as opportunities are, more often than not, just around the corner.

Aldrich & Company