I joined Aldrich 5 weeks ago with no relevant City experience and I am leaving not just after having had an enjoyable time but with a whole new set of skills. As a student embarking upon my final year at university, I wanted to start building my career and try to gain as much professional experience as possible. I had no clear idea about my career goals, so I considered an internship at Aldrich. I could not have asked to work, learn and develop in a better environment. From day 1 I worked on a major project, learning about the business, how recruitment works and spoiler alert – marketing and branding with the new website upgrade.

I have been trained on the key systems used at Aldrich, developed my IT skills and attended a variety of meetings. The time taken with my training means that I feel like I can walk into an office environment with confidence and focus my thoughts. I have been consulted and listened to, feeling like I had a voice. The strong sense of collaboration and teamwork at Aldrich has enabled me to work and engage with different people, even if it was just getting to know new people at team lunches. I have learnt invaluable amounts about my strengths and weaknesses, how to work in a totally new environment and how to approach my future career. The main thing that has jumped out at me as I come to the end of my internship is the importance of asking questions, listening carefully, taking notes and making my voice heard.

I cannot recommend Aldrich enough – call 020 7588 8999 for the best careers advice.

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