Eighteen months ago I reached a crossroads in my career and decided to look for a change. A friend from university who worked for Aldrich recommended I meet with Eva and the team to talk through my options and ask their advice on next steps. A week later, I had handed in my notice and accepted a role to start as a Recruitment Consultant.

It has been a fantastic decision. From Day One, I have been given more responsibility than I would have imagined: to start with the training was so tailored to me, I began managing recruitment projects, building and developing relationships with clients and candidates in the leading investment banks and asset management firms, hiring at all levels and learning a huge amount about the financial services sector and about recruitment.

I worked on the build and design of the new website, was involved in launching the company blog, worked on increasing our social media profile and used these tools to attract new candidates and clients. My ideas have been listened to, valued and suggestions for improvement encouraged.  Crucially I have helped some fantastic people find new jobs and careers introducing them to clients where they have gone on to flourish which is so rewarding.

People have a lot of preconceptions about working in recruitment and I was certainly guilty of them before starting at Aldrich. This past year working with dedicated professionals  has blown them all out of the window.  Essentially it is a role of trusted advisor and introducer and I have been part of a dynamic, fun and hard-working team who have pushed and challenged me to learn and achieve so much more than I ever anticipated.

There’s a lot to be said for being thrown in at the deep end in terms of learning what you are really capable of. That opportunity to develop your skills in a high pressure, yet supportive environment where you are trusted to work autonomously and your contribution is respected is rare and I have been very fortunate to work here!

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