Nine months ago I graduated from Reading University and I’m not embarrassed to say that the idea of life and a career post university unnerved me.

I am a typical child of the millennium generation: I expected London and a job opportunity to happen immediately. My time at Reading leading to a degree had given me awesome friends and numerous transferable skills. However, many students studying the arts were leaving university with the same qualifications and skills; in order to succeed in London I quickly realised I both wanted and needed to stand out.

My parents are currently posted to Washington DC; initially I was concerned about working overseas, but it was an opportunity that I couldn’t turn down – so I packed my bags, daunted but excited to be kick-starting my career in a new country. Undoubtedly this was challenging as I was leaving a significant part of my life in the UK.  However, we are all citizens of the world and nothing could have prepared me for the amazing experience and friends that I made in America. I’m truly in awe of the American work ethic and how welcoming they are. During my six months in DC I was exceptionally fortunate to be given the opportunity to work in some outstanding companies and I will forever be grateful to the people within them who supported me in my transition from a student to a career woman.

As the last New Year’s Eve rolled in I decided to give London another go and I can assure you that I have not looked back. My time in America gave my CV that crucial edge and in turn gave me so much confidence and– this ultimately led me to Aldrich & Co. I am loving my time with Aldrich and I am exceedingly fortunate to be part of a fabulous team – a team whom I have a great deal of respect for, who value my experience whilst encouraging and helping me develop my skills.

My journey to London has been both superbly fun and a bit of a roller coaster. London is a city filled with billboards of young people having fun; although this is undoubtedly true, London is hard work, expensive and can be lonely for some.  I have learned that my career is a marathon, not a sprint; and that life is all about people and building great relationships.  Without the tremendous support of my family, friends and colleagues I would not have succeeded in my move to this fabulous City.

So my advice for those leaving the comfortable climes of University would be to make and grab opportunities, have faith in yourself and prepare to be challenged.

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