Anyone can make a mistake, it is entirely normal.  What you learn from your mistakes is the critical element of learning. It is inevitable – because if you fear failure you won’t progress. Our most effective lessons are from great mentors or experience and yes it’s tough out there. The best way to analyse one’s daily performance is to summarise your successes and failure, write them down. Give yourself private credit for your triumphs and note the areas that could do with a closer look at improvement. Do you need training? Closer attention to detail? To be more forthcoming and  communicating with colleagues? More focus? Some mistakes can be rectified quietly without causing too much torment, others might have serious impact on the business – it’s important to fix them and be honest, putting up your hand will save future embarrassment.

“Any man can make mistakes, but only a fool persists in his error” Cicero, De Inventione

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