After completing a full-time masters in October 2017, I started my job search. Recent reports of rising inflation, declining value of the sterling, slowing economic growth and a stagnant job market were enough to put even to most optimistic job searcher on alert. I contacted the team at Aldrich & Co after noticing a compelling, senior job ad online. The team responded straight away and were available for a interview immediately. As a candidate, with 20+ years of corporate experience, meeting the very experienced consultants at Aldrich was reassuring. Their industry expertise and knowledge of the London business scene was second to none. It was effortless and efficient speaking with the consultants about my work experience, as they were familiar with all the names on my cv.

Where Aldrich’s consultants really stand apart, is that they speak to candidates as a “whole” person. Work experience, skills and career ambitions are as valid a discussion topic as values and personal aspirations. In our meeting, job openings were discussed, and here again the consultants showed, tremendous in-depth knowledge of their clients and their respective industries. What becomes immediately apparent in discussing job opportunities with Aldrich & Co is that they operate at the top end of the market. Aldrich & Co have the most prestigious client lists in London and their reputation stretches far and wide (as far as Hong Kong, where my job brief came from).

I left my first meeting with Aldrich & Co feeling cared for, excited and optimistic about my career prospects. The professionalism of Aldrich’s consultants must be the envy of any business operation in London. Their communication was impeccable. Introduction to clients and feedback from interviews was instant, transparent and encouraging. I received my big job offer only 4 weeks after my first meeting with Aldrich & Co (a timeline which would have been accelerated, had the hiring manager not been overseas). Speaking to Aldrich & Co’s founder, Emily, it is easy to see how the company has become so successful, even in the face of difficult trading conditions. The company places a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion. This is reflected in the strategic recruitment of their consultants, as well as their representation of candidates. I hope every organisation will take a leaf from Aldrich & Co’s book that cognitive diversity equals business success.

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