In the City there are lots of options to choose for lunch, too many, in fact. From numerous chains and coffee houses to unique, edgy delis to City institutions like Birleys, the options are endless. 

I was always intrigued by KÊU, a Vietnamese deli which offers Saigon street food, located on London Wall. The long queues filling out the tiny shop every lunch time definitely suggested it was worth the visit. So I decided to treat myself! Despite the queue, it was well worth the wait! It moves really quickly, they’re very efficient! We’re big fans in the office and between us have been through most of the menu. The Banh Mi sandwiches are delicious – especially the Kimchi Pork. The rice bowls are a really good filling dish – the duck is succulent and delicate; and beef in the noodle soups is juicy and tender.

The food is fantastic and feels authentic which is rare in fast food shops. Hieu Trung Bui, the founder of KÊU, and his uncle were unable to find the Vietnamese food of their childhood in London. Therefore, they set up the Vietnamese kitchen and their first restaurant Cay Tre. After years of success they expanded and KÊU is the newest member of the Vietnamese Kitchen family. Three KÊUs have popped up throughout London in Shoreditch, Soho and the City.

Despite becoming a chain, KÊU hasn’t lost its character.  Though it might not be the cheapest food option, if you are looking to treat yourself we would definitely recommend you try it.



Aldrich & Company