Cybercrime has fast become the most common form of fraud and cost UK businesses over £34bn last year.

Businesses and individuals have been victims of all types of crime from online scams to catastrophic viruses created by sophisticated hackers around the world.

Investors are particularly susceptible to online swindles and even this week we have had experienced THREE cyber threats which were intercepted at an early stage.  One caller insisted that my colleague owed their hotel £800 and threatened to take them to court if the payment wasn’t made. One colleague received an email claiming to be another team member requesting a transfer of funds and we had a credit card being used online that was running up bills into the thousands –  finally when my bank asked me if I had been in Hammersmith Mothercare – they explained it wasn’t my profile! – I realised that I too had been defrauded.

A few top tips to avoid scammers:

  • Definitely be extremely cautious when opening emails and attachments from an unknown source. Do your research
  • Be sceptical. If you get a cold call asking you to invest in financial products, an unpaid bill hang up.
  • When investing seek financial advice to support any decision you make – they must be FCA regulated
  • If you get a call from your bank and want to verify that they are authentic call back from an entirely  different line and ensure that you have the correct number – not the number that they give you!


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