Spring is in the air and it’s time to get running, unless you started this a long while back and are training for the London Marathon on the 22nd April of course! In which case good luck! And the temperature is set to rise to low 20’s!

I recommend having a session with a running coach, an hour session with a full review of your running style on video!  All will be revealed, looking at compensations in your  movement, whether you need specific strength exercise to correct the weakness, then full analysis, slow motion replay and a plan to build up to a better running style injury free.  www.runningschool.co.uk have an excellent reputation and will put you right on track. You will have warm-up and glute activation training to get the correct muscles firing after a long day at your desk.  Speed training comes next … but one step at a time.  Book in to their city training course for a running health check!

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