I’m just back from Mumbai having seen an extraordinary exhibition, a collaboration of between the British Museum, The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Museum (CSMVS) and the National Museum of Delhi. Five years in the making, the exhibition opened with fanfare on the lawns of Museum (formerly known as the Prince of Wales Museum, in the Centre of Mumbai)  with the honking and hooting of the constant traffic as a sound backdrop on Friday telling the story of India and the World in 210 objects.

The exhibition was curated by JD Hill and Naman Ahuja and 55 museum directors and curators from across the world – the Guggenheim, Louvre, Tate Modern, MOMA, J Paul Getty Museum and many more offered  their expertise and treasures.  Some of these dated back 170 million years – others precious artifacts from our times. Neil MacGregor the former director of the British Museum and author of the bestselling A History of the World in 100 Objects was instrumental in the concept and delivery. Working with the greatest lighting designers, logistics and shipping, insuring and installation, climate control and the infinite care and attention of the graphics created by our dear friend Aurobind Patel the show is jaw dropping. Hartwig Fischer the Director of the British Museum gave an exceptional speech; you know when you are hanging on to every last word.

Hopefully the exhibition will inspire the wider international museum community.


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