In the Land of Plenty

Andreas Gursky is one of the most famous photographers of our time. His works have been described as a magnificent depictions of our modern world, gloriously orchestrated compositions with over-saturated colour spectrums that transcend detail. Images of busy trading floors, sprawling skyscrapers bursting through clouds and overstocked supermarkets are at the forefront of an ever-present metaphor – the idea that everything is happening all at once, all over the world, without a second of pause.

Looking at these images, one could argue that these human-created environments are portrayed in so spectacular a manner that there’s not much space left for us! We may well look small and insignificant when compared the industrial and economic magnificence of Capitalism.

Could this be the case? Decide for yourself, they are currently on show at the White Cube gallery until 8th April.

Aldrich & Company