Howard Hodgkin

The late Howard Hodgkin, ‘one of the greatest British artists of the past few decades’. Hodgkin who was knighted in 1992 for his impressive career as an artist passed away in March earlier this year. Hodgkin dedicated much of his career as an artist focussing on abstract landscapes of India, a country whose art he first became familiar with at Eton College under his art master Wilfrid Blunt. After 1964, when Hodgkin first visited India he returned almost annually creating many of his most famous pieces whilst there. With over 115 works completed in India, many reflected Hodgkin’s own impression of the Mughal period (c. 1550-1850) of which he was fascinated by.  Howard Hodgkin throughout his established career as a contemporary artist, adopted large abstract strokes to depict the intensity of his landscapes through blocks of colours and unrecognisable shapes. Despite spending most of his lifetime with a paintbrush in hand, Hodgkin also explored his creative side in a role he took designing the sets and costumes for choreographer Richard Alston in the Ballet Rambert. In light of the artist’s recent passing exhibitions consisting of his works have been displayed including one in the Hepworth Wakefield gallery.

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By Zoe Churchill

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