When it comes to self-presentation, it is always best to adopt the “first impressions count” rule. The first impressions that we generate when we meet people for the first time is especially subject to scrutiny when in a professional environment. By hiring you, you will be the face of the company and the way you present reflects not only on your own career progression, but the values the company presents.

When we talk about the way you present to clients, this is not purely visual perception, but also the way you converse and present through voice and posture. See below out top tips!

  • Present in carefully ironed clothes, portraying your professionalism
  • When it comes to hair, it is recommended it is in a tamed down style, and free from any extravagant colours or accessories
  • Always recommended to grab an umbrella before you leave for your interview, as English weather is unpredictable and it may turn against you!
  • As well as this, be sure to take your overcoat off prior to the interview process, and stay in your shirt/blazer during the process
  • Always print your CV prior to your arrival, and preferably on a one sided document so notes can be taken directly on CV
  • Arrive 10 minutes early. If cutting too short, it seems like bad time management. If too early, it may be inconvenient for your interviewer
  • If you are due to arrive late or right before time, a courtesy call ahead of time to your contact warning of your estimated time of arrival is key
  • After your interview, send a follow up email to your contact thanking them for their time
  • During interview, be sure to have at least one question to ask of your interviewer to understand whether this job is for you and what to expect
  • When introducing yourself, be sure to be confident in your approach and do not mumble
  • When your interviewer enters the room, it is polite to stand up to meet each other’s eye level
  • Practice a firm, yet polite handshake
  • Practice having a good posture, and avoid slouching or hiding your hands under the table during your interview process
  • Remember your interviewer’s names! Even if you are met with other people you might not be expecting to be interviewed by, try and remember their names to be sure when saying goodbye you thank them personally for their time at the end of the interview
  • This goes without saying, but be absolutely sure all your electronic devices are switched off before you go in into your interview!

At Aldrich, it is our job to ensure you get the best support possible in finding your dream. If you have any further questions, be sure to get in touch!

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