Hi, I am thrilled to have just joined the team at Aldrich and Company. I would like to introduce myself, I’m Rosie. This week I have a shortlist of essential apps and hot tips to enhance your life experience in London.

• Getting about: City Mapper, TFL, Uber, Skyscanner
• Sharing: Splitwise
• Connecting: Linkedin
• Fitness: Classpass & myfitnesspal
• Discounts: O2 priorities and Drinki
• Charity Shops for designer kit: Octavia
• Add railcard to your oyster card
• Santander bikes – free for ½ an hour
• Park runs – 5 & 10 K
• Get temping – come and work at Aldrich & Company!

I am going to focus on different parts of London each week with local updates.

Also a sneaky one … make the most of your annual leave

It’s essential to take a break – we all want a life balance! Be strategic, book ahead and you can ultimately double your annual leave this Christmas: this year booking holiday between Saturday 22nd December – Sunday 6th January, uses only 7 days’ worth of holiday and a whopping fortnight’s break! With only 15 weeks to go till Christmas you had better get on it!

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