Looking after your heart means taking small but meaningful actions. So we’re constantly sharing tips and recommendations within our team to try and inspire each other to become more heart healthy.

Cardiovascular disease is the world’s number one killer today so we wanted to take a moment to recognise World Heart Day .  World Heart Day focusses on raising awareness about CVD, including heart disease and stroke, with the aim of educating, inspiring and motivating people to keep their hearts healthy.

Heart disease is a topic that’s close to our hearts and led Emily to cycle across Spain to raise funds for Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.   So here are some of our tips – all backed up by studies of course!  Eat an orange a day. Hit the road on your bike. Go nuts and throw a small handful into a smoothie. Get just the right amount of sleep. Eat dark chocolate. Go green with your tea.

When you’re doing a job you truly enjoy you’re more than likely to put heart and soul into doing the best you can every day.  We’re all about finding out about what makes our candidates tick and which job is going to excite and inspire them every day. 

So do get in touch with us at Aldrich and let’s have a heart to heart.

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