Leaving university can be daunting – this is when your future career path begins to unfold and the shift from academic work to the working world becomes a profoundly different environment.

The 5 key things to consider are:

  • PUNCTUALITY – University can be unstructured, with the flexibility to work your personal life around your course and studies.  You need to get used to the routine of a 9 to 5 working lifestyle (or longer in some instances) – this will require punctuality and organisation. Remember, if you fall behind, nobody waits for you, so it is crucial to be prepared for this alteration to your daily routine.


  • PROFESSIONALISM is vital in order to progress – there is no time to switch off within the week. Look smart, be motivated, and most importantly, go beyond the tasks set by your boss.


  • DIVERSITY – within any company, there are people of all ages and backgrounds, which can lead to multiple interpretations of problem solving and teamwork tactics. Contributing and accepting others’ understanding of issues and ideas is important and will help you to develop your own business skills; acting as part of a team to achieve success.


  • Learning to take CRITICISM and make changes according to feedback is fundamental. Feedback from bosses is likely to be far less frequent and direct than the coursework comments of your university days. Therefore, a high level of ingenuity is required in order to prove yourself in the work place.


  • TEAMWORK. In addition to this individual work, you will be working within a team of all levels and authorities and so the balance between being told what to do and being set individual tasks by a boss, and successfully applying your own initiative to a situation is a large part of this significant university/job shift.


Use your skills learnt at University (time management, collaboration and ability to work to a deadline) and take every day as a new learning experience, using the advice above to give yourself confidence!

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