Your job search gives you the ultimate opportunity to have a good, clean start and beginning with a clear head and a blank sheet is great, as I have mentioned before.

However, your history to date does feature at the core and it is important to stick to the facts because we have seen people with the best intentions getting tied up in knots.

This time is a great opportunity to really spoil yourself and not spoil your chances, start again with your c.v. and don’t cut and paste, think about the language you use and how you express each phrase and bullet point. Have another look at your dates and check they are correct, look at your personal branding… your email address for example, your font, the format, and the spacing.

You can shape the interview to a certain extent by the content of your c.v. and rather than having to labour about reasons for leaving, state them, and whether a role was a contract, a fixed term contract, temporary or permanent. Never veer from the truth.

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