Here are some ideas to help you #KeepCalmAndCarryOn :

  1. Keep those muscles moving

Progressive muscle relaxation is a way to lower blood pressure and cortisol levels, reducing your chances of getting a headache. With your eyes closed clench a muscle group, for example One thigh for 10 seconds and then relax it. After 20 seconds repeat the process on other muscle groups.

  1. Don’t forget to breath

Deep breathing can quickly allay the acute anxiety that a stressful task can cause. Inhale slowly, expanding your abdomen while keeping your chest still, then tighten your stomach muscles as you breathe out through pursed lips.

  1. Play the silence game

Quiet time significantly reduced stress levels among critical care nurses, according to a 2015 study. Try to find at least half an hour a day when you can minimise your exposure to noise and artificial light (being asleep doesn’t count!)

  1. Nature is nurture

Attention – retention theory states that we’re better able to recover from “attention fatigue” after spending time in, or even looking at, nature. A daily walk through any green space you can find will help you to recharge.

Have a fantastic and stress free weekend!

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